Spray Equipment & Associated Airline Equipment


For decades, WAGNER has been a specialised worldwide provider of complete systems and components in industrial surface technology.  As a leading supplier in the Industrial Wet Painting field, Wagner offers a complete range of products. This stretches from single components in the areas of feeding, mixing, controlling and application, right up to complex large-scale installations for e.g. the plastics, wood and metal working industries and the automotive supply industry. The most popular items that Movac sell are the highly respected “Puma” and “Cobra” aircoat systems which have provided significant savings to our customers with reduced material usage.

Click here here to see the Wagner Puma AirCoat Spray Unit in use




SATA provide Movac with complete ranges of high quality German engineered spray equipment and associated products for many industries, with a reputation for working closely with industry and innovation in research and development SATA provides quality solutions for the paint shop.




The Anest Iwata product range includes several spray guns, pumps and accessories that, based on their specifications, are designed for different painting processes and in different application fields and that can consequently satisfy customer needs. The body shop, wood, leather and plastic industries are just a few of the industrial sectors which have been supplied by Movac with this equipment.




Movac are suppliers of DeVilbiss high quality spray equipment along with the ranges of other sprayshop equipment such as air fed masks and filter regulators that are made by this well known manufacturer.




Movac are distributors of the AristoSpray range of airless paint spraying systems and consumables which are marketed under the Q-Tech brand, items include tips, filters, hoses, extension poles and much more.   To view our 24 page Spray Finishing brochure created to give an overview in one place of the type of products offered, click on the link here.