Powder Coatings

Movac are able to offer a complete range of powder coatings many with next day delivery manufactured by our supplier partner HMG. Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester and Polyester Powders are available along with special effect powders.

More information may be found in our powder brochure downloadable by clicking here.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Please note we have provided Technical Data and Safety Data Sheets for all the products listed below. These can be downloaded from the links to the right of each entry.

HMG Powder Coatings

** Available Gloss Levels
POW317 Epoxy Powder

Epoxy powder coatings typically offer an outstanding flow and aesthetical appearance. The range may be used for decorative purposes; however the binder system is particularly suited to applications where the user requires resistance to aggressive environments.

Dead Matt to Gloss Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
POW617 Epoxy Polyester Hybrid Powder

Often known also as ‘Hybrids’, a powder coating system based on a co-curing blend of epoxy and polyester resins. Designed where the user requires a superior protective and decorative finish for indoor applications. The system typically offers good flow, toughness and chemical resistance, but further modifications can be made, including increased mar resistance, chemical resistance, enhanced heat stability, cure speed. Typical applications include white goods, office furniture, computer casings, electrical enclosures, etc.

Matt to Gloss Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
POW827 Architectural Polyester Powder

Designed for both exterior and internal use, this range of powder coatings offers both excellent outdoor durability and decorative aspect. Designed for use on architectural applications such as fences, buildings facia and window frames, the range meets the requirements of; BS EN 12206-1 (previously BS 6496); BS EN 13438 (previously BS 6497); and Qualicoat Class 1.

Matt, Semi-Gloss, Gloss Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet