Composite Door Coatings

For over 20 years Movac have supplied coatings for application onto composite doors, the system available therefore has a long track record in performing in this industry. The water based nature of the products means that they are more environmentally friendly in comparison to traditional solvent based coatings. Movac have many years experience with the differing ranges of composite doors available and would always advise that you contact us to enable us to provide you with a bespoke specification for your particular product requirement.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Please note we have provided Technical Data and Safety Data Sheets for all the products listed below. These can be downloaded from the links to the right of each entry.

Water Based Composite Door Coatings

** Available Gloss Levels
MTWDOORWIPE Water Based Degreasing Solution

A water based degreasing solution that is used to remove contamination of the substrate surface prior to application of coatings

Safety Data Sheet
MTW25** Water Based Adhesion Promoter Primer

A water based adhesion promoter to provide adhesion to the substrate prior to being over coated.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MTW2530 Water Based Speed Regulating Thinner

This thinner is used to regulate the speed of drying of the water based coatings by slowing the drying time where the application conditions are too warm.

Safety Data Sheet
MTW36** Water Based Grain Enhancer

A scumble type product applied to colour the grain following application of the appropriate colour adhesion promoter to create a wood grain effect.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MTW37** Water Based Graining Patine

A spray applied water based graining patine which when dry the excess is removed to leave a wood grain effect.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MTW4520 Water Based Crosslinker/Hardener

When added to the adhesion promoter and topcoats this product gives faster curing and a harder finish to the coatings.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MTW72** Water Based Lacquer

Available in either a clear or translucent format this lacquer is used for over coating the patines and scumbles as part of the wood grain system.

20, 40, 60 Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MTW99** Water Based Pigmented Topcoat

A water based pigmented topcoat available in a full range of colours used to provide the final colour and gloss level required by over coating the appropriate adhesion promoter.

15, 30, 50 Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet