Lead in Paint

Some of the HMG tinted products that Movac manufacture and supply may contain lead sulfochromate yellow (Pigment Yellow 34) and lead chromate molybdate sulfate red (Pigment Red 104) if this is the case it will be easily identified on the label that is supplied on the tin stating “CONTAINS LEAD” and we show an example of this below: 

HMG have provided the following information in relation to the use of products containing these two pigments and I show this below for your attention:

Please see link below for very important information regarding the authorised use of lead sulfochromate yellow (Pigment Yellow 34) and lead chromate molybdate sulfate red (Pigment Red 104) in paints - HMG designate these products on labelling and SDS as 'Contains Lead’. If you do not use products containing these two specific pigments please ignore this ; however if you do use these products it is imperative that you read or forward to the relevant person within your organisation the attached documents in the link below to understand your obligations with regards to the authorisation process and the correct use of products.

Authorisation for the restricted use of these pigments has recently been granted and many industries including surface coatings are affected by the authorisation, which forms part of the chemicals industry European REACH legislation. The whole authorisation process is new territory for our industry and information has been gradually gathered over the past months culminating in the independent coatings trade association - the British Coatings Federation (BCF) Information Note on this subject, which we have waited for before communicating this news to our customers.

Further information, support documents and guidance can be found on the HMG website via the link below: