Barrier Coatings

A product line of solvent based barrier coatings designed to give adhesion on difficult to coat substrates or isolate oily or troublesome timbers prior to being over coated.


Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Please note we have provided Technical Data and Safety Data Sheets for all the products listed below. These can be downloaded from the links to the right of each entry.

Clear Basecoats

** Available Gloss Levels
TI1286 Sayerlack Adhesion Promoter

TI1286 is a barrier for melamine paper and can be used to increase adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
TU565 Sayerlack Fast Dry Barrier Coating

A barrier specifically formulated for over coating with polyester products. Its most important characteristic is its excellent pore wetting which is most pronounced in vertical applications with low application weights. It also has good insulating power when used on resinous woods, although it is always advisable to run a test to see how many coats are required to achieve the desired result.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
XT4022 Sayerlack Non Yellowing Barrier Coating

XT4022 is a one-pack barrier designed to maintain and brighten the colouring of reconstituted veneers and Erable. It is suitable for over coating with polyurethane and polyester coatings. With pale coloured and white reconstituted veneers and Erable, it acts as a UV absorber, reducing yellowing of the substrate.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
TR4027 Sayerlack Barrier Coating for Oily Timbers

TR4027 is a barrier coating for veneer or solid timber with high content of oily substances such as rosewood, teak, etc, where it is designed to isolate prior to over coating with Polyester coatings.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet


TH2569 Sayerlack Hardener for TI1286 for Increased Adhesion
Safety Data Sheet
TH765 Sayerlack Hardener for TU565
Safety Data Sheet
XT4028 Sayerlack Hardener for TR4027
Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet