Acrylic Coatings

The ultimate in two component water clear systems with excellent chemical and scratch resistance. Their easy to use and non yellowing properties make them ideal for use over light timbers (Ash, Beech, Maple, Sycamore) and painted finishes.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Please note we have provided Technical Data and Safety Data Sheets for all the products listed below. These can be downloaded from the links to the right of each entry.

Clear Basecoats

** Available Gloss Levels
TU55 Sayerlack Acrylic Basecoat

An acrylic basecoat with excellent build and sandability. It is the ideal basecoat for pale coloured and bleached timbers, as it maintains the natural colour of wood.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet


TU188 Sayerlack Clear Harmonizing Acrylic Self-Sealer

TU188 is a fast drying clear self-sealer ensuring a soft touch and a harmonizing effect to be used when coating fair substrates (maple, birch, ash, fine-line, etc.) since it keeps the natural wood shade. For its harmonizing properties, TU188 is not suitable for dark wood species.

5 Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
TZ70** Sayerlack Acrylic Lacquer

Lacquers that exhibit complete transparency, good build and smoothness particularly suitable for applications that require high yellowing resistance.

5, 10, 25, 40, 90 Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
TZ93** Sayerlack HXD Scratch Resistant Pu/Acrylic Lacquer

A series of polyurethane/acrylic lacquers featuring a very high surface hardness that ensures excellent scratch resistance, a smooth touch and good pore wetting ability.

10, 25 Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
TL339 Sayerlack Ultra Clear High Gloss Acrylic Lacquer

A colourless, high gloss acrylic lacquer with excellent flow and transparency, it is faster drying than traditional acrylic systems, and ensures excellent yellowing resistance.

90+ Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
TL0351 Sayerlack High Gloss Fast Dry Acrylic Lacquer

A high performances acrylic lacquer with outstanding application properties for both interior and exterior use, it is a fast drying product that does not require the use of high temperature to speed curing. Watch the video showing this product in use by clicking the play button on the right.

95+ Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet View video
TH790 Sayerlack Standard Acrylic Hardener
Safety Data Sheet
TH0908 Sayerlack Fast Acrylic Hardener for TL0351
Safety Data Sheet
TH2520 Sayerlack Fast Acrylic Hardener
Safety Data Sheet

Pigmented Topcoats

IF102234 Sayerlack Gold-o-lux Acrylic Gold Topcoat
Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
HNIF425073 Sayerlack Gold-o-lux Acrylic Silver Topcoat

A range of bright gold and silver effect coating that can be used for picture frames, accessories and furniture, designed to be over coated with acrylic lacquers.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet


DT0139 Sayerlack Acrylic Thinner for TL0351

A top quality acrylic thinner for use with TL0351 lacquer to enable speed of cure.

Safety Data Sheet
DT1146 Sayerlack Retarder Thinner

The blend of solvents used in its formulation enables a perfect dilatation and film formation even with hot weather without slowing down drying speed too much.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
DT1150 Sayerlack Fast Thinner

Manufactured with top quality raw materials and an excellent balance of components ensures a regular evaporation curve.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet


XT279 Sayerlack UV Absorber Additive

An additive for clear Acrylic solvent based coatings to absorb UV radiation and decrease yellowing of fair timber species.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet