Translucent (Stain Finishes)

High quality translucent stain systems which can be applied in many application situations to give excellent long term performance available in a multitude of colour variations.

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Base Stains

** Available Gloss Levels
FE128QT PPG Wood Finishes Base Stain

This is a translucent base stain manufactured with a high performance alkyd emulsion binder. It has higher solids content than most competitor materials used for the same purpose and shows excellent adhesion and early water resistance. Along with the appropriate PPG Woodfinishes top coat it provides superb dimensional stability to the joinery item and is formulated to have good run off and high translucency.

N/A Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Stain Topcoat

TE323QT PPG Wood Finishes Stain Topcoat

Durable weather resistant midcoat / topcoat based on acryl dispersions showing exceptional levels of elasticity which enables them to be used on a wide range of exterior substrates such as cladding, windows and doors.  This topcoat exhibits exceptional film hold and this enables it to be applied as single coat topcoat if required, it also shows excellent flow and levelling, high translucency where required, but can also be supplied in more densely pigmented versions giving greater durability.  They are non blocking and quick drying.

Satin Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet