Industrial FAQ's


  • What is your delivery service?

Movac are able to supply a free of charge next day delivery service to customers within our trading delivery area on our own fleet of delivery vehicles with no minimum order charge.

For customers outside of our fleet delivery area goods are supplied by next day freight delivery at either a Nett cost for small orders or free subject to a minimum order value.


  • Do you provide technical support?

Movac take great pride within the knowledge base of our technical sales force all whom have been recruited from the coatings industry and are able to provide instant technical support to you as either an individual or with other members of the team.

We also have the resource of technicians from our supplier partners who are able to assist us and  you with development of new projects that you may be challenged with by your clients or any other technical issues.


  • How do I place an order?

We are happy to accept your valued order in whatever manner you wish to place it, our technical sales executives, delivery personnel and sales order lines are all happy to discuss your order requirements with you.

We are also able to accept orders via fax and email and are able to work with you to provide bespoke order templates for you for our product lines if you require.


  • Do you offer a colour matching service?

Movac are able to offer a colour matching service at all of our branches having invested in high technology spectrophotometers, this means that if your required colour is not present within our ever expanding database of over 50,000 colours already then we are able to create it. All of the colours we create are logged within our own independently managed database to enable easy repetition as and when you require.


  • Are you able to keep me informed of new product developments?

Movac are always with our supplier partners at the forefront of new technological developments and ensure that our technical sales executives are always being updated with industry information as soon as it is available.

We also provide this to customers by means of mailings and in electronic format where requested to ensure that you are fully aware of any developments that could be of benefit to your business, to ensure that you are kept abreast of any of the latest developments please ensure that you discuss this with your local technical sales executive to furnish him with your preferred method of contact.



  • Why do you have more than one hardener for your 2K product range?

Our supplier partners spend many hundreds of thousands on research and development to ensure that the customer gets the best performance from their coatings and as part of this we would always recommend that the correct hardener is used for the coating purchased.

Some of the coatings that we supply have the option of alternative hardeners and these are listed on the relevant webpage of this website and with more detailed information on the relevant technical data sheet. Our technical sales executives are always happy to discuss this further if you do not see a product for your particular requirements as I am sure that we will have an answer for you within our knowledge database.


  • Can I just use standard cellulose thinner or one thinner in all of your products?

To ensure that you achieve the best performance from the coatings that you have purchased it is important that you thin the product with the correct recommended solvent as shown on the technical data sheet.

Although a standard cellulose thinner may seem to work by reducing the viscosity of the product it may affect other properties of the coating such as reducing the curing properties affecting the hardness of the film or creating film abnormalities such as solvent entrapment or solvent popping.

If you are in any doubt about which solvent to use please contact our technical sales executives who will be more than happy to advise you.


  • What type of application equipment do I need?

The type of application equipment that is required is dependent on the product that you wish to apply. Most of our coatings are designed for spray application (in its many formats) and some of our products can be applied by both brush and roller successfully.

Our technical sales executives will be able to advise you on the correct application equipment for your specific project and arrange a demonstration for you if you should wish.


  • How much product do I need to purchase for my job?

The amount of coating that is required to be applied will be dependent on the particular coating, the recommended amount to be applied per coat is generally expressed in one of two ways:

  • grams per square metre (g/m²)
  • wet film thickness applied in micro metres better known as microns (µm)

These figures will be found on the coating products technical data sheet and will guide you as to the amount of coating that you will need to purchase.

For example a coating that requires and application weight per coat of 100g/m² will provide theoretically 10 coats per metre per 1 kilo of product ready for use. It must however be remembered that no application equipment gives 100% transfer of coating to the substrate and wastage must be taken into account.

Transfer efficiency of spray equipment can be anything from 25 – 85% dependent on the type so it is important to consider this as well as the shape of the item to be coated which will also have an influence on the amount of product required.

If you would like more assistance in relation to your specific requirements please contact one of our technical sales executives who will be happy to provide more information for you.


  • How many sheen levels do you have?

Most of our products are available in many differing sheen / gloss levels which are usually measured as a percentage figure on a 60° gloss meter.

The range of sheen levels available as standard varies dependent on the coating but normally increases in steps of 10% as a 5% variance in sheen in not generally perceivable by the human eye.

For classification purposes we would generally use the following descriptive names for a range of sheen levels but we would always advise that the use of a percentage figure is more accurate:

Dead Matt     0-9%
Matt 10-15%
Semi Matt 16-24%
Satin 25-49%
Semi Gloss 50-74%
Gloss 75-85%
High Gloss 85%+