SMART Repair

SMART (Small & Medium Automotive Repair Techniques) is a specialised process for the repair of minor cosmetic damage.

What is the definition of minor cosmetic damage?

Minor cosmetic damage can be defined as a small repair limited to a reduced surface area and to certain areas on the car: i.e. near the edges of the door or bonnet edges and in between styling lines.

When is a SMART repair recommended?

  • Damage where the repair can be minimised
  • Damage near the edge of a panel
  • Only one repair on the panel is required
  • Non-critical colour

When is a SMART repair not recommended?

  • If the finished repair area is larger than A4
  • There is other damage on the panel: i.e. more than 1 defect on the panel
  • Damage in the centre of the panel
  • Critical colour

What are the Advantages of a SMART repair?

  • Cost effectiveness (only the damaged area is repaired)
  • Reduction of the labour time
  • Reduction of materials used
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced Key2Key time


Bumper repair solutions are designed for fast efficient repair of plastic bumpers and wing mirrors. Damage can be repaired using various methods.

The Movac system provides a solution for every type of repair to the highest quality.

Processes include:

  • Hot plastic repair
  • Hot stapler plastic repair system
  • Cold plastic repair
  • Texture repair


It is now possible to repair scratches and damage in Aluminium Wheels at a low price and in an effective manner. The Price of the repair is often proportional to the size of the damage but one thing is certain repairing wheels is a more cost effective solution.

The system comes complete with fillers and colours for the repair of most common wheel types.


Over a period of time, effects of the sun's harmful UV rays, weather, and road debris will degrade the look and function of your acrylic headlight lenses. These forces can result in a headlight which looks poor in appearance and loses its most important function; the ability to illuminate. Movac has a system which restores both the appearance and safety of headlight lenses to their original factory like condition, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

In a matter of minutes, the simple to use system will remove heavy scratches, smooth pitted surfaces, and polish the hazing and opaque appearance of headlamp lenses back to clarity.


The Movac System has been developed to carry out quality repairs on laminated windscreens. The technology allows you to seal the windscreen and restore it to its original strength therefore preventing the fracture point from becoming a weak spot.


The PDR Tools set the standard for the Industry practices in the Automotive Market.

This is a collection of techniques for removing minor Dents and Dings from the body of a Motor Vehicle.  A wide range of damage can be repaired using PDR; however if there is paint damage, PDR may be unsuitable.

The most common practical use for PDR is the repair of damage to door & wing dings and minor body creases. Generally, the more shallow dent the greater the chance of paintless dent repair being a suitable option.

PDR is a specialist process and PDR Tools are carefully designed for the professional PDR Technician.


Why change the whole side of a Caravan because of a small dent, which is both time consuming as well as being very expensive?

With the Movac system you acquire the perfect finish due to specially designed vacuum tools, level–rail and specially developed mould maker which recreates the original pattern of the damaged spot.


Most leading Paint Manufacturers have their own process for Spot Repair.

However the Movac system allows you to touch-up and spot repair paint chips and scratches using several different application methods depending upon the type of damage you’re repairing.

There is a complete range of Equipment which includes Specialist Spray Guns, rubbing down blocks, de-nibbing sanders and specialist infra red units and UV Lamps.