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Our Technical Hot Spots are an ongoing series of short videos highlighting new product launches and featured products, giving technical advice to everyone.

Click on the tab on the left of our website ‘Technical Hot Spot Library’ to view. With the ever increasing focus on environmental responsibility this month’s Technical Hot Spot focuses on one of the Sayerlack Hydroplus water based lacquers.

Sayerlack AFL3198/00 is a fast drying water based self-sealing lacquer suitable for interior use on any wooden substrate.

Part of the Sayerlack AFL31XX/00 range of coatings, these 1K lacquers have good hardness, transparency, smoothness of touch and create a fantastic aesthetic appearance.

As well as low odour an important feature for this range of Sayerlack lacquers is the rapid through hardening with industry leading technology meaning that they are stackable after only 60 minutes at 20°c.

Applied as a self-sealer or with any of the Sayerlack basecoats from the Hydroplus range, AFL3198/00 gives excellent build with solids of 38% and can be applied by all methods of application equipment and may be thinned with up to 5% tap water if required.

Each coat can be applied at a film weight of between 80–120g/m² and is dust free after 15 minutes and touch dry after 25 minutes making them a viable alternative to conventional solvent based lacquers but with the benefit of the rapid stacking ability.

To further increase surface hardness and chemical resistance Sayerlack XA4080/00 crosslinker may be added at 1% to the AFL3198/00 whilst stirring.

Sayerlack AFL3198/00 is an extremely versatile easy to use lacquer with outstanding results that could be the first step to your business becoming more environmentally conscious.

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