Two new Sayerlack Coatings!

Our Technical Hot Spots are an ongoing series of short videos highlighting new product launches and featured products, giving technical advice to everyone.

Click on the tab on the left of our website ‘Technical Hot Spot Library’ to view. With the ever increasing focus on environmental responsibility this month’s Technical Hot Spot focuses on Sayerlack Natural Wood Lacquer and Waxy Waterborne Oil.

With the trend for coatings that provide a natural appearance to timber whilst impacting on the environment as little as possible this month’s hot spot focuses on two exciting new water based coatings from Sayerlack.

Sayerlack AF0618/00 Natural Wood is a low gloss (3% sheen) lacquer that can be applied onto all types of timber used in interior applications. It gives a natural effect leaving the look, touch and shade of the substrate unchanged.

A 2K water based coating Sayerlack AF0618/00 can be used with alternative hardeners, dependant on the timber species, to get the best performance. It is formulated with a new generation of resins which make it very resistant to ultra violet light and provides the lacquer with excellent chemical resistance properties.

Suitable for use in a wide range of interior applications including furniture and flooring Sayerlack AOV2343/00 Waxy Waterborne Oil provides a soft, natural and waxy effect with good chemical resistance tested perform to the EN 12720 standard.

Sayerlack AOV2343/00 can be applied by all types of spray equipment, by cloth or by brush application. This extremely easy to use coating has the capacity to be used as a 1K or 2K product (to improve chemical resistance). It is applied as a two coat system with a light P320g sand between coats to give outstanding results.

With a natural fragrance of beeswax, AOV2343/00 may be used as a clear coating giving a sheen level of 5% gloss or coloured using any of the ranges of water based Sayerlack dyes and pigments to achieve the desired effect.

These are just two of the sensational products from the new range of Sayerlack coatings, naturally for more information on these or a host of new technology products contact Movac the solution provider.