The Seventh Hot Spot For September Is Sorted

Our Technical Hot Spots are an ongoing series of short videos highlighting new product launches and featured products, giving technical advice to everyone.

The aim of our videos is to give all the relevant information on products in an easily accessible format showing how the products are mixed and used along with additional pertinent information.

Click on the tab on the left of our website ‘Technical Hot Spot Library’ to view. The seventh Hot Spot focusses on the Wagner Puma AirCoat Trolley Mounted Spray Unit.

German precision engineered, this air assisted airless spraying unit has a Puma IceBreaker® air motor and stainless steel wet end making it suitable for use with both solvent and water based coatings.

The system offers:

  • 28:1 pressure ratio motor which gives constant power with easy low pressure start
  • A wide range of tip sizes to suit all coating requirements
  • Fan air adjustment at your fingertips to enable control of spray pattern width
  • High levels of transfer efficiency of up to 93%
  • Comes with a manufacturer 3 year warranty to back up the performance
  • Supplied with the latest high quality GM4700 AirCoat spray gun
  • Spray gun is light manageable weight of 536 grams making it easy for the operator to use all day

Contact Movac now for a demonstration to see how Wagner technology can save you money by minimising your paint wastage!  Call your local Sales Executive on 0844 561 0070 or email to order now.