Sayerlack DT0090/00 Thinner

Our Technical Hot Spots are an ongoing series of short videos highlighting new product launches and featured products, giving technical advice to everyone.

Click on the tab on the left of our website ‘Technical Hot Spot Library’ to view. This month’s Technical Hot Spot focuses on Sayerlack DT0090/00 Thinner.

DT0090/00 has been developed to supersede DT1146/00 as the standardised medium /slow solvent for use in the ranges of Sayerlack high quality wood finish coatings.

This new special thinners properties enables optimal drying speed to improve the final look in comparison to the previous medium-slow solvent. This is of particular benefit when used in matt coatings where an excellent uniform appearance is provided by the use of DT0090/00.

DT0090/00 can be used up to 30% in both clear and pigmented products, from the Sayerlack range, and exhibits a controlled release from the applied coating to assist in the avoidance of pinholes and overspray on larger panels.