PRESS RELEASE - Spray Finishing for the Craftsman - October 2013



In a rapidly evolving market, Movac are continually adapting to ensure that customers are offered the products they need to be competitive in the marketplace - our aim is to be the best partner for your business.

An integral part of the adaptation is our alignment with numerous strategic partners to ensure we offer the best products and services to our customers.  A recent part of this alignment is our partnership with Aristospray, who are the fastest growing independent supplier of paint spraying equipment and consumables to the industrial and decorative trade dealers in the UK & Ireland.


This new 24 page brochure is a result of our partnership with Aristospray, designed to give our customers an overview of the Aristospray & QTech products we can offer.

It is not exhaustive, but provides an insight as to what is available - and for any products not shown, just ask and we will be able to advise and meet your requirements.

For a copy of the brochure and more information about the range of products, please contact our Marketing Department:

Movac Group Ltd
T 0844 561 0070
F 0844 561 0080