We are writing to you to inform you of some important changes to legislation occurring in the European market under REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals).

Movac continues to offer products that remain compliant with current and future legislation. With that comes the responsibility to remain vigilant to ensure that Movac and its customers are prepared well in advance as legislation changes are made. 

By 21st May 2015 lead chromate raw materials will be phased out.  This change affectsthe whole coatings industry and no Refinish paint manufacturer will be able to offer coatings containing lead chromate pigments after this date. 

After 21st May 2015, will also be against the Law for a Distributor to sell any paints containing lead chromate pigments to their customers and for their customers to use these paints.  This includes paint already in stock at Distributors and Bodyshops, and means that it will be illegal to store or use any residual product after that deadline.

Movac has a full range of lead free alternatives that allow customers to continue to be competitive in the market place.  Over the coming weeks and months, your Movac representative will be in contact with you to review your specific situation and will work with you to help you transition to a lead chromate free product range in time for the May 2015 deadline. 

For more detailed information relating to REACH please visit the European Commission website:-