PRESS RELEASE - Movac White Box - a new logo - Plain & Simple! (February 2014)


In 2010, Movac launched a range of "value" products under the branding White Box, created specifically for the cost-conscious customer who needs an economical solution where they are unable to get full utilisation from the premium products, such as abrasives, that Movac also supply.  White Box is what it says; a range of cost saving products using basic, minimal packaging which allows Movac to keep prices low - providing great value but without the packaging and "frills" associated with similar premium end products in the market.

Other product within the range include masking, sealants, body filler, clothes, wipers, mixing cups, coveralls and much more. There is also a Price Per Sheet calculation provided to help customers quickly gauge how economical the products are and how we are helping their business by adding value and reducing costs.

Hilary Scott, Movac's Marketing Manager said "After 4 years of successful sales and range expansion, we recognized White Box needed to enhance its brand identity when positioned against the premium brands - put simply, it needed a logo! We enlisted the help of Norfolk-based agency, Naked Marketing to provide logo concepts. After initial ideas were presented, we opted for the clever design of a plain box outline with the W and B initials forming the carton profile edges using the red & black brand colours. The logo will be used on our product labelling, leaflets, sales sheets, as well as our website pages where the White Box range is featured."

Jodie Cole of Naked Marketing said “We were delighted to be asked by Movac to help them to create a clean modern brand that will stand out. For once it was an opportunity to think outside the box, inside the box and on the box. We produced a number of initial ideas and from these developed 2 distinct designs, once this idea was chosen it was just a few more stages of fine tuning and balancing before we arrived at this finalised design. The final striking design will provide a distinctive look to the numerous items within the White Box range.

For more information about the White Box product range click here.

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