PRESS RELEASE - Movac helps Norfolk based company after fire ruins Spray Booth.

On 19th August 2013 at about 2.00pm a fire broke out in the spray booth at Eric Bates and Sons Ltd, a traditional furniture company in Norfolk specialising in bespoke kitchens.The small fire was unfortunately accelerated by cellulose deposits in the room. Although this was at completely normal levels the nature of these products create a high combustion risk.

Thanks to the actions of staff present who closed the spray shop doors the fire was contained mainly in that area but there was extensive damage to the polishing facilities and storage area above along with severe smoke and water damage to the main warehouse areas.

Emergency building repairs were undertaken to ensure the safety of the building whilst the re-build was planned. During this time Movac assisted the Company with the setting up of a temporary spray shop within the undamaged cabinet shop areas of the building to allow for orders to be completed with minimal delay to customers.

Movac were then heavily involved in the refurbishment of the damaged spray booths installing the latest equipment available and advising on alternative methods of spraying and finishing to achieve the results required using water based products in place of the chemical based ones traditionally used. Training and support is on-going with the new products as the company look forward to the future.