Oropal Unveils New Branding

Since 1923, the Oropal brand has always been at the forefront of coating-oriented technology for the industrial and decoration sectors.

Now, with the aim of enhancing the brand, they have created new trade names for products, new packaging and labelling and of course a new and more current logo that continues to respect the essence and values of the business.

All of this new branding will be accompanied by a new catalogue of products and colour charts.

The high quality industrial coatings developed through continuous innovation, process, product development and customer service are available exclusively from Movac Group Ltd in the UK.

Oropal is proud of all the people who have helped to drive the success of their company - from skilled workers to demanding customers – all of who have been key to making the brand what it is today.

During the next month, the new branding will be rolled out and Oropal are excited about this new business path.

To find out more about Oropal and take a look at the wide range of products available and download the catalogue and price list click here: http://www.movac.co.uk/industrial-finishes/oropal-metal-coatings/