Movac UK Exclusive Fire Retardant Coating

Our Technical Hot Spots are an ongoing series of short videos highlighting new product launches and featured products, giving technical advice to everyone.

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Click on the tab on the left of our website ‘Technical Hot Spot Library’ to view. The eleventh Hot Spot sees the launch of the exciting new upgrading fire retardant coating system Irufire Real Integral.

Irufire Real Integral is a 2K Acrylic Polyurethane system that will upgrade Class D non treated wooden substrate to give a fire classification of Euroclass B-s2,d0 in accordance to EN13501-1:2007.

The system comprises of 2 - 3 coats of Irufire Real Primer which is a clear Acrylic - Aliphatic 2K Polyurethane basecoat applied wet on wet to a total film weight of between 420 - 500g/m², with one coat of Irufire Real Topcoat Acrylic - Aliphatic 2K Polyurethane at a film weight of 80 - 100g/m².

Some of the features: 

• Dust dry in 8 - 12 minutes and touch dry in 16 - 25 minutes, the basecoat may be over coated in 1 - 2 hours.
• Following the drying process the basecoat is then top coated with one coat of Irufire Real Topcoat  which is touch dry in 13 -20 minutes.
• Available in any sheen from Deep Matt to Gloss in either a clear lacquer or any required colour of topcoat this gives suitability whatever your project demands.
• These products are free of Halogenated compounds, mixed with Irufire Catalyst at a 10:1 mixing ratio and can be applied with any type of spray equipment.
• Being a 2K system Irufire Real Integral gives good covering power, smoothness of touch along with good physical hardness and chemical resistant properties and being based on Acrylic - Aliphatic technology this gives excellent protection against colour change from UV light.
For advice on this innovative wood solution or other coating related questions contact your local Sales Executive on 0844 561 0070.