Movac Supplies Metal Paint For Replica Mark IV Tank

Movac supplied the Norfolk Tank Museum with Oropal paint, which is their UK exclusive metal finish, to take on the mammoth task of replicating the Mark IV Tank.

This type of tank was first used in the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917 - weighed 30 tonnes, was 26 foot long, 10 foot wide and travelled at a maximum of 4mph.  One was discovered in Cambrai in 1998 and this plus original plans, were used by German model expert Thorsten Brand to create a 3D computer-aided design (CAD).

The replica Mark IV Tank, named 'Deborah II', was built by JCB, Chastead World Class and the Norfolk Tank Museum.  It was also featured on a Channel 4 documentary ‘Guy Martin’s WWI Tank.’

Stephen MacHaye, Chairman of the Norfolk Tank Museum said: “Deborah II was about commemorating the soldiers of the First World War by bringing history back to life.  JCB shipped the completed tank to France for the anniversary of the start of the battle and it was an emotional experience driving it on the battlefield remembering all those who had sacrificed their lives.”

Shaun Godden, Volunteer at the tank museum who painted it said: “I’ve got a previous background in paint spraying and got given the job.  It was a good one to do and took about seven hours to paint.  It has been a slow process because we wanted to get the paint mix right and there was no way to know what the original paint mixing ratio was to do it.  Overall it was a good project and I’ve enjoyed working on it.”

Craig Matthews, Industrial Division Director said: “It was a pleasure to assist with this project and supply the relevant paint of Oropal 1K Anti Corrosive Alkyd Primer and Primer Finish.  The finished tank looks brilliant and is a true testament to the original.”

The tank museum is an independent museum housing a collection of military vehicles, weapons and militaria including Deborah II, which first went on display to the public during Easter.  To see the amazing creation and find out more details visit:

Photo (l-r): Tank Museum Patron and Ex-Commander in Chief of the British Army, General Lord Richard Dannett and Chairman of the Norfolk Tank Museum Stephen MacHaye.