Movac Choose RWC as Their Training Partner

(Photo: l-r Rob Ward from RWC and David Hillyer from Movac)

Movac is excited to announce that Rob Ward Consulting (RWC) based in Milton Keynes is their new training partner.

The brand new training facility which opened in October this year, holds recognition by the IMI as an Approved IMI Centre to deliver accreditations and qualifications for the repair industry.

They offer a wide range of courses for every need - from awareness to accreditations:

  • Level 1 Electric/ Hybrid Vehicle Awareness
  • Level 2 Electric/ Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities
  • Level 3 Electric/ Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement
  • Full Route or Re-Accreditation of Cosmetic Repair IMI Accreditation Senior Technician
  • Full Route or Re-Accreditation of Paint IMI Accreditation Senior Technician
  • Automotive Air Conditioning – Refrigerant Handling
  • And more.

RWC also has a state-of-the-art live-time booking system which allows Movac Sales Executives to find out instantly the availability of courses and future dates.

Division Director, David Hillyer, from Movac said: “Movac’s sales team will have a wealth of information available immediately at their fingertips with the advanced online booking system that RWC had specially built. This makes the whole process of booking training courses simple and quick, allowing us to help get our customers ahead of vehicle technology as it evolves.

“Electric vehicles will be the way forward, with the government pushing to stop the sale of new petrol and diesel cars potentially sooner than we thought.  The repair industry has to start preparing and RWC will be key to helping Movac to lead the way.”

Managing Director, Rob Ward, from RWC said: “We are delighted to be the chosen training partner for Movac who can now support the immediate need for repairers to embrace Hybrid/ EV and ADAS vehicle technology. With such high demand for education and skills in these areas alone, it made perfect sense to develop an instant online booking system for all of our courses, the first of its kind, which provides Movac the ability to book training for their customers the moment they need it.”

For more information please visit or phone 01908 969992.

The RWC Training Centre is also the official training centre for both Sata and Octoral in the UK – testament to the investment and calibre of training on offer.