Launch of Irurena Extra Clear Acrylic Lacquer

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Click on the tab on the left of our website ‘Technical Hot Spot Library’ to view. This month’s Technical Hot Spot accompanies the launch of the new Irurena Goylake A-2223 range Acrylic lacquer.

Irurena Goylake A-2223 is a clear Acrylic lacquer with excellent clarity and non-yellowing characteristics.

Mixed at a ratio of 5:1 by volume with C-212-N hardener it has a pot life of 10 hours and viscosity of 25 seconds making it ready to apply in most circumstances without additional solvent.

Goylake A-2223 may be applied as a coat on coat system by all types of spray equipment  in 1-2 coats at a film weight of between 120-140g/m² and is dust dry in 10 minutes and touch dry in 30 minutes at 20°c.

The cured coating gives excellent matting uniformity and appearance along with great resistance to marring and scratching with excellent non-yellowing performance.

Containing UV absorbers Irurena Goylake A-2223 maintains the natural timber colour with its excellent clarity making it the perfect choice for light woods such as Ash and Maple as well as reconstituted and pre-dyed veneers.

Irurena Goylake A-2223 is available in 5, 10 and 30% gloss levels at launch and other sheen levels are available upon request.

To take advantage of the launch price, or for any other coatings related questions contact Movac the solution provider.