FINISH FROM MOVAC - Sayerlack Wood Coating used on Endless Stair - London Design Festival 13th September to 10th October 2013


Movac, the UK's largest distributor of Sayerlack wood coatings, were delighted to be a part of The Endless Stair, a landmark project for the London Design Festival, sited on the lawn in front of the world-renowned Tate Modern, which was open to the visiting public from 13th September to 10th October this year.

The construction of the Endless Stair, was the first-ever such structure to use American tulipwood cross-laminated timber (CLT).  The stair project, conceived in January 2013, pushed the boundaries of hardwood in construction, starting from a fantasy Esher-inspired drawing and utilising CLT for the first time.  Using a total 11.4 tonnes of CLT, the Endless Stair was the 2nd hardwood structure that the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) had commissioned for the London Design Festival.  As well as providing a truly unique experience for the public visiting the Festival, the Endless Stair helped to celebrate imaginative design in London and play an important part in technical design legacy and challenge current thinking within the construction industry.

The Endless Stair also had a full environmental profile; all material, transport & manufacturing processes were recorded and sustainability reports identified life cycle impacts.  After deconstruction, none of the timber will be wasted as the project was designed so the timber could be reconfigured and re-used and is currently on display in Zurich, until other exhibitions around the world are found where it can be displayed.

Belinda Cobden-Ramsay, Assistant Director of the American Hardwood Export Council, expressed to Movac how delighted they were with the performance of the Sayerlack Wood Coating on the Endless Stair.

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